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You can find other products in Menorca Flower such as Combs Model made by preserved flower. For example, this Rose Flower Comb, is very beautiful for communion events, wedding, baptism events.

Moreover, if you fit this comb with some of our preserved flower earrings, you can get a fhasion look! For any event, even if it's winter or autumm. Our combs will fit with any of your looks.

Personalización de tu peineta de flor en plata

As well as our headresses, crowns, earrings, clasps or clamps, Rose Flower Comb puedes combinarla de distintas maneras. No obstante, ya sabes que en Menorca Flower somos unos expertos en creación y diseño. Por ello, puedes encontrar una gran variedad de peinetas: de distinto tamaño, con distinto color, otra flor preservada… ¡Hasta dónde llegue nuestra imaginación y la tuya! En concreto, esta peineta va desde los 7 cm.

You have only contact to us and we will help to decide the best comb model.

Preservation of Preserved Flowers in Combs

In Menorca Flower always work with flowers. Flower's material could be textile, paper, porcelain or silicone. However, our top product is preserved flowers. They are natural flowers that have been subjected to a freeze-drying process, maintaining the DNA of the plant, keeping exceptional durability.

For keeping this essence of the preserved flowers, it is important to avoid the direct sunlights impact, so they may wear the colours down.

If you want more information about Rose Flower Comb or other product, you can call us or find in our shop, in Ferreries. Menorca. We will be happy to help you and advise you with preserved and natural flowers.

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