Corona Sprint Ramilletes


Crown made with preserved Hydrangea multicolor flowers

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Product Description

From Menorca Flower we would like to introduce you to our natural preserved flowers crown. In this case Flower Crown Flores Sprint Ramilletes, is the best accessory for all ages and styles.

In our studio in Ferreries, Menorca, we make flower crowns with textile flower and also with natural preserved flowers. We just need to know which is your style for designing the best accessory for you.

Corona de flores Sprint Ramilletes

All our crowns are unique and inimitable so they are made with natural preserved flowers, conocidas también como flor estabilizada. Este proceso de preservación se consigue con una selección de flores concretas y recolectadas en su momento de máximo esplendor. En este caso, para la Corona de Flores Sprint Ramilletes hemos elegido flor de hortensia.

Once the process of freeze-drying (remove the sap) is done, the flowers are filled in with the “new” sap for keeping them fresh and natural during years.

There is no need to an special maintenance, you just need to keep it in a neutral environment.


En Menorca Flower recomendamos guardar la Corona Sprint Ramilletes inside its box, so the flower can perspire.

For specific environments cases, please contact us for giving you the best advices.

Personalization of the Crown

You can personalize the crown by choosing textile flowers or natural preserved flowers and the system of clasping.

Choose a “put in-and-out” headdress" for your pamela hats or hats, so all our headdresses are between 10 and 22 cm so you can adjust it to your head.

You can choose between clasps, headbands, combs, wire fences, bolts(also known as clips in french).

You can choose between the following different flowers: Gypsophila (Paniculata),Paniculata, Broom, Ruscus, Eucalyptus, Amarelinho, Hill Flower,, Lavender, Wheat, Hydrangeaand much more. We are constantly innovating with new flores.

You can also choose the color , so we can dye the flowers as you wish.

We select the flowers according to your ideas.

We love challenges, so you can shine with your exclusive headdress..

If you travel to Menorca, we would like to invite you to get into the earrings made by preserved flowers.