Boche y Pinza Hortensia ¡Novedad!


Nuevo accesorio dos en uno de Menorca Flower para esta temporada.

Un bonito y elegante broche y a la vez pinza que podrás utilizar tanto para el cabello como para la ropa o a modo de cinturón.

Disponibles en varios tonos. ¡Elige tu color favorito!

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In Menorca Flower we not only draw our preserved flower earrings and headdresses / flower headbands up. We also create different accessories for your look, such as nuevos accesorios dos en uno; broches y a la vez Pinza con flores preservadas. In that case, Broche/pinza de flor preservada Hortensia en varios colores.

A brooch that gives your look a plus. You can wear in specials events like communions, weddings, baptismes or in your spring / summer look. Our brooches will make your outfit look like another completely.

Además podrás usarlos tanto en el cabello como en la ropa o a modo de cinturón.


As we have mentioned before, this Broche de Flor Hortensia  you can match in different ways. However, Menorca Flower is expert in create different desings. So, you can find a huge variety of broochs: different size, different color, different flower... We are very creative!

You only have to contact to us and we help you in the best way.

Cuidados en Flores Preservadas en Broches Y pinza

In Menorca Flower always work with flowers. Flower's material could be textile, paper, porcelain or silicone. However, our top product is preserved flowers. They are natural flowers that have been subjected to a freeze-drying process, maintaining the DNA of the plant, keeping exceptional durability.

For keeping this essence of the preserved flowers, it is important to avoid the direct sunlights impact, so they may wear the colours down.

Si quieres más información acerca de este Broche de Flor preservada, o de otro producto, no dudes en llamarnos o pasarte por nuestro taller en Ferreries, Menorca. We will be happy to help you.

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