Menorca Flower is a craftwork project founded in 2011 and which has been in constant growth petal by petal since then. Our company was born with the aim of giving a fresh and innovator point of view inside the world of headdresses. With a modern style our headdresses are an echo of the need for personalization of the accessories. In Menorca Flower we love to create new designs, sizes, colours and styles of our products for them to fit to all clients wishes.

In our collections you can find accessories such as flower crowns, clip, belts,, shoulder pads, headbands, tiaras, corairs... made by preserved flowers.

Personalized Headdresses - Preserved Flowers 

We work with different kind of material for creating our products: we use textile, paper, porcelain and also silicone. Despite the huge quantity of materials that we use, the jewel of our crown are the preserved flowers. The flowers are specially treated by a minucius process in which they are freeze-dried, but they keep their DNA with an exceptional durability as a result.

For keeping this essence of the preserved flowers, it is important to avoid the direct sunlights impact, so they may wear the colours down.

You can order your personalizated headdresses by online or visite our shop in Menorca.

Online Orders

If you want to order personalizated headdresses online, you should send us a Whatsapp message telling what you want. 
It would be fantastic if you can send us an image where we can see which would be the perfect size for you, this way we can define the form, colours, size and style. 
Once we have that information, we can solve all your doubts and we will send you a pic with an specific purpose, delivery time and an estimated price. 
If you agree with all that information that we will send you, the payment should be done by paypal and then we start working. 

Presencial Orders

You can order you personalizated headdresses if you visitour shop in Ferreries and we can advise in a better way. 
You can send us a Whatsapp under our number 606451957 so we can arrange a date to see each other and show you our material and products.
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